Transport service is provided by the school which is an optional facility and also available to the students on request. Vehicles play over the city to cater to the transportation needs of the students as well as staff members.

Computer Education:

The computer education in school is an essential part for the students. We have two well equipped computer laboratories having adequate number of computers with multimedia and intenet facility.


The School has well equipped laboratories in different subjects like Physic, Chemistry,Biology and Computer which are maintained by the trained lab staff under the supervision of subject teacher
Pupil’s Diary:
The school diary is intended to be used by the pupils to record their school activities and assignments. Parents/Guardians are required to keep in touch with their ward’s day to day pi-egress. This will establish a valuable liason between the teachers and parents with regard to the quality of work being done by students both at school and home.
The school has a well stocked library with well trained staffs to keep the library in proper order and guide the students during theft respective periods to make the maximum use of resources availabie.
The school Library is well equipped with books on all subject, journals, periodicals,competitive magazines for both the students and staff. The latest books on all subjects are procured and made available for use, A specially designed Reading Room which provides separate enclosure for each student to enable him/her to have brush with the great authors is an unique feature of the school, The Library is open from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM on every working day.

  • Books will be issued through the student’s diary only.
  • A fine of Rs.1.00 will be charged if the book is not returned by the due date.
  • In case of loss and damage of the book, double cost of the book along with the fine will be collected from the student

Play Ground:
A  play ground speaks about the health of the students.

Our play ground is 2512.13  sq. mt in area with a basket ball court
Cricket, football volley ball, kho kho , Hockey etc. and different athletic events are played by students in games period

Co-Curricular Activities:

A number of co-curricular activities complement the academic courses to help the students to develop mentally, physically and. socially We organise competitions such as song, instrumental music, essay writing, drawing & painting on the spot, story writing, recitation, debate, dramatics, quiz, integrated exhibitions etc. during the academic sessions.We provide Hiking, Treaking, Outing, Excursion, Regular Health Checkup.

House System:

The students are divided into three houses from Standard-I to onwards and each house comprises of House Leader and House Representative headed bra group of teachers.All the houses perform the following duties on regular basis:

  • To conduct the morning assembly.
  • To check the students uniform.
  • To deliver the thought in the form of a short speech in the assembly.
  • To look after the general cleanliness of the school.
  • To help in maintaining discipline on occasion of school functions.
  • To collect and prepare news-International, National, School and Sports events and also write a thought of the day on the blackboard meant for the purpose.
  • To check the late corners and mark in the diary.
  • To help in maintaining order and discipline during the recess period
  •  To participate enthusiastically in all intra-house and inter house contests.
  • To be proud of own house and always work for its healthy tradition.

Class Rooms:
20 well – ventilated classrooms with suitable furniture, ergonomically designed for different age groups.
Conference Hall:
One conference halls equipped with audio-visual facilities (LCD Projector) designed for conducting seminars, workshops & orientation programmes for the continuous development of students and teachers.